Understanding Your Rabbit

Sometimes it can be hard to understand what your rabbit wants; don’t you wish they could just spell it out…




rabbit 2

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Learn to understand rabbit behaviour

2 Responses to “Understanding Your Rabbit”

  1. Shell May says:

    I’m still in total shock that you have a wild rabbit! It’s fantastic! I have a wild rabbit that I feed outside. I named him Silfay after the book Watership Down. He has been around for 2 years now. My friend across the street feeds him too. He’s just precious and of course looks just like scamp!
    Hugs to you my bunny friend,

    • Tamsin says:

      Thanks for saying hi 🙂 I feel so privileged to have Scamp, he’s such fun to watch and extremely tame from being hand reared. I will have to dig out some baby pictures to share.

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