Bunny Pictures: Dutch Rabbits

I had this wild hare (that sounds so much better then ‘crazy idea’) that I’d try to get into the habit of drawing a bunny a week. That was the beginning of January. I’m not doing great so far! I thought I’d ease myself in with a pic I drew last year and came across when I was looking for something else.

Three little dutch bunnies:

Dutch Rabbit Drawing

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Learn to understand rabbit behaviour

9 Responses to “Bunny Pictures: Dutch Rabbits”

  1. Annette says:

    Very nice Tamsin! do you by any chance make glass art?

    Arabella is most probably a wild rabbit. She has very little domestic features about her and I managed to fatten up her non-existant dewlap after a good year of healthy eating.
    When Zai went to the rescue centre to choose a doe he ignored all the brightly coloured ladies who were going crazy on the other side of the pen after him, and when Arabella (she was nameless then!) was put into the other pen she acted most hare-like! It was mesmerising and beautiful and Zai showed great interest in her. She was very aloof! Zai chose her by licking her on the nose!

    • Tamsin says:

      No just pencil and paint.. easier to rub out the mistakes 😉

      Zai is obviously a bun of good taste. What sort of behaviour made you think hare? I don’t know much about them really. There’s nothing in Scamp’s behaviour a domestic bun wouldn’t do but he moves differently, in a way that’s hard to put your finger on. He makes running and jumping look so effortless.

  2. D. Moll says:

    Maybe we could get a group together to post a bunny a week….any other takers?
    Very nice shading and fur treatments on this one.

  3. These are such beautiful rabbits, you’ve captured their personalities so well

  4. Ali says:

    Tamsin…that’s incredible!! I look forwards to seeing a bunny a week…If I could draw then I’d join in…but you might not know it was a bunny. 😉

    Ali (Teddy’s_Mummy)

  5. Shell May says:

    Beautiful work Tamsin. I look forward to seeing you and D.Molls bunny posts each week. I can’t draw, just stitch doodles.

  6. emma says:

    and i love all of these

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