Bunny Proofing… Again

Rabbit proofing is a continual process with Scamp (and I’m sure he’s not unique). The bin and potatoes are now securely protected by a new cupboard door. But, that meant adding a couple of vents so the potatoes didn’t get too toasty shut in a cupboard near the cooker. We got some round plastic push in ones that look really neat. All great for a week and then yesterday Scamp notices them and proceeds to remove them. Cue me spending half an hour with half my arm wedged into one hole trying to persuade him to come out the other hole whilst he alternates between licking my fingers and trying to dig a back exit.

Of course once he’s done it once, he knows he can do it again. There are no photos of the first portion of the entertainment (me being slightly busy at the time) but here is Scamp attempting a repeat performance. Yes, he can get through the tiny (just 70mm) hole once he’s pulled the vent out. No, I don’t know how he does it either, he sort of drops his shoulders and oozes – it really shouldn’t be physically possible.

So, bunny proofing step nine hundred and ninety-nine (approximately) was fitting bunny proofing to the bunny proofing. My dad had a great idea and we got some fan covers for computer cases, just the perfect size and shape… and made of metal. The worked a treat but wow was Scamp less than impressed. He was sure he got through there earlier and he wanted to go again. Here is a video of what a really cross bunny looks like; you can see how determined he gets and why the bunny proofing needs constantly revising. I hung his stick toy so it dangled over the area and distracted him. It worked a treat and by today he’d forgotten all about.

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5 Responses to “Bunny Proofing… Again”

  1. glad to see the distraction works! Bunnies can be so destructive…

  2. Lisa says:

    Wow. Scamp can fit through that little hole? Unbelievable!! Can he pass through the eye of a needle, as well?

  3. Elizabeth Coe says:

    Would love to see more videos of Scamp’s adventures!

  4. paige says:

    wow, whered you get the cool willow sticks from?

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