Special Offer: Understanding Your Rabbit's Habits & 10 Rabbit Behaviour PRoblems Solved

This special edition of my book Understanding Your Rabbit's Habits also includes 10 Rabbit Behaviour Problems Solved, a series of articles with advice on common behaviour issues, for no extra cost!

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Understanding Your Rabbit's Habits


Rabbits are wonderful animals, but sometimes their behaviour can be a bit of a puzzle.

After reading this book you'll be able to:

  • recognise rabbit body language so you can tell how your rabbit is feeling
  • understand the motivations behind your rabbit's behaviour
  • create an environment that supports your rabbit's behavioural needs

'If you love your rabbits, and want to understand them better, then buy this book.'
--Rabbit Welfare Association

PLUS: 10 Rabbit Behaviour Problems Solved

If you love your rabbit but his (or her) behaviour is driving you crazy, this is for you. I take the ten most common rabbit behaviour problems and explain the reasons behind them and, most importantly, how to resolve them.

The following problems are covered:

  1. My rabbit chews at the cage bars
  2. My rabbit won't come near me
  3. My rabbit hates being picked up
  4. My rabbit is aggressive towards people
  5. My rabbit has bad litter box habits
  6. My rabbit digs the carpet
  7. My rabbit chews things he shouldn't
  8. My rabbit won't go back in the cage
  9. My rabbit is aggressive towards other rabbits
  10. My rabbit spends all day doing nothing

What's inside the book?

In Understanding Your Rabbit's Habits, I start by introducing bunny body language - the subtle postures and body movements that give away what your rabbit is thinking and feeling. If you want to interact with a rabbit without causing offense or being nipped then you need to know how to tell the difference between a happy rabbit and one ready to attack.

rabbit body language

There is plenty of action too, including digging, eating, washing, pooping, napping, exploring, marking, aggression, and binkies. To help you understand these rabbit behaviours better I've put them into context. Our rabbits might be spoilt pets, but their ancestors were wild animals and that has a big impact on how they behave. Once you take into consideration how a wild rabbit lives, it is much easier to understand the motivations behind some of our pet rabbit's odd habits.

rabbit behaviour chasing

It's not just about understanding rabbits; it is also about making their lives better. An environment that accommodates your rabbit's behavioural needs is essential to their welfare. Rabbits that don't have the opportunity to express their natural behaviour patterns can end up bored and frustrated, and are more likely to be destructive and aggressive. There are tips scattered throughout the book to help with this, and a whole section on environmental enrichment to finish up.

In this special edition you'll also receive 10 Rabbit Behaviour Problems Solved a series of articles on solving common behaviour problems. In each article I look at the reasons behind the problem, explain things from your rabbits point of view and give you practical steps to address the issue.

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A must have for every rabbit owner, beginners and more experienced owners will both enjoy and benefit from this book. It is a great source of information and is beautifully illustrated. A job well done. If you love your rabbits, and want to understand them better, then buy this book

--Rabbit Welfare Association

From cover to cover, Understanding Your Rabbit's Habits is packed with information on rabbit behaviour and mannerisms, covering body language, common rabbit behaviours and abnormal behaviours in depth and using over a hundred line drawings to illustrate body shape and movement in a simple, but effective way.

--Fur & Feather Magazine

I honestly believe that this is the best book for rabbit owners on the market. Uniquely it focuses on rabbit body language and packed full of illustrations it is very clear and easy to follow.

--Suzanne Rogers, Learning About Animals

This book is excellent. We have had two rabbits for over a year and always wondered what their little mannerisms meant as we have never had rabbits before, nor known anyone who had them as pets to ask questions about. The pictures are great too, especially to help explain things to my young kids ... and they make it an easy way to quickly find what we are looking for. It is a great read and its good to know when they are annoyed so we know to take steps to find out whats wrong and try to help .... and when they are relaxed and settled its lovely to see ... and its entertaining knowing they are curious about their surroundings. We feel we are able to understand the rabbits a lot better now and I only wish I had found out about this book sooner.

--pinkhearts, via Amazon 5/5

If you are a new rabbit owner or as in my case, have had them for a few years; this book is helpful in either scenario. The sketches of their body language and the translation of what each "tilt" of the ears mean is so SPOT on. I actually had a couple of "Aha" moments while reading this book.

--J. Westby, via Amazon 5/5