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Making a Cube Rabbit Cage

Cubes cages first become popular as housing for guinea pigs but their flexibility can be used to great effect for rabbit housing too. The original product (available in the US) is Neat Idea Cubes (NIC) made by Fellowes are square wire frames which, when joined together, are designed to build cheap shelving. Similar products are also available from various other companies.

These grids can also be used to build excellent rabbit cages. They are very flexible and by combining multiple packs you can build very large cages.

large multi-level cube rabbit cage

Building Tips

The cubes come with plastic clips to fasten the individual grids together. If you find these aren't doing the job or are difficult to clip together then use cable ties (electrical ties) instead. You can buy ties in various colours so you can match them to your cage. If you expect to take your rabbit cage apart regularly then buy reusable cable ties, they are a little extra but make taking the cubes apart and putting them together again much easier!

To make a cage door use cable ties on one side as hinges (don't fix them too tight or the door won't open) and use a bull dog clip to latch the door closed.


There are several options for flooring depending on how messy your rabbits are. If your rabbits have impeccable litter training habits and don't chew your carpet then you could stand the cube cage directly on the floor.

For those with less well behaved rabbits, you can place a piece of lino under the cage, cut it larger that the base of the cage to leave several inches overhang outside the cage - this prevents your rabbit accessing the edge making it hard to chew. This is particularly good for cages that are an irregular shape or very large.

You can also build a tray for the cage using corrugated plastic. Cut the tray to the size of the cage plus the height of the sides you want. Then score along the folds and bend up the sides. A piece of tape on each corner will keep it in place. For extra protection you can add a line of marine sealant along the joints at each corner. If your rabbit chews then stand the cube cage inside the tray.

You could also build a wooden tray and line it with lino or tiles to make it easy to clean.

wooden tray


A second (or third) floor is a great way to give your rabbit more space without covering your whole room in cubes. Small shelves can be made by attaching grids horizontally with cable ties. Larger shelves may need extra support (particularly for heavier rabbits). To add support thread a length of wood through one of the grid squares from one side of the cage to the other and rest the shelf on this. You may need to replace the wood supports now and then if your rabbit chews on it. You can make wooden shelves to rest on the supports if you prefer these to using the grids.

Shelves MUST be solid so if you use grids cover them with wood, lino, carpet etc. A good option is hardboard covered with lino/tiles to create an easy to clean surface. You can add rubber or straw matting for extra grip.

wooden shelves covered in tiles with mats for grip


Young fit rabbits should be able to jump on/off a low shelf, but if you have high shelves or an less agile rabbit a step or ramp is a good idea. Ramps can be made very easily from a plank of wood. Drill a hole or screw in a eyelet to thread cable ties through to fix the ramp in place at the top. Grips on the ramp can be made with wooden batons, cube squares or, if your rabbit doesn't chew, by fixing a piece of carpet on.

wooden ramp with battons for grip

Where to Find Mesh Storage Cubes in the UK

Various brands of 'cubes' are sold and prices vary a lot. Here are some sources. The are also sometimes available from Wickes, Screwfix, B&Q or Argos.

Safco Wire Cubes Storage System (20 x 14" panels)
Amazon £35 inc. delivery
Wayfair £37 inc. delivery

Wire Mini Grid Panel System from
£35 inc. delivery (17 x 14" panels)

Modular Wire Cube Displays from
Various size sets available plus individual panels (£2.30 each)

A similar product with plastic panel instead of mesh is available. A completely plastic cage would have poor ventilation but you could mix 'n' match eg use plastic panels for the back and shelves.

Where to Find in the US

Whitmor Storage Cubes from Amazon $19 + shipping or 6 cube set for $29 or from Staples at the same price. These sets are available in black or white.

Safco Wire Cube Storage from Amazon $29.

Variations are also sometimes available in Target, Wallmart, Office Max and Sam's Club.

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