Rabbit Behaviour Problems

Rabbits are wonderful animals, but sometimes their behaviour can be a big challenge. In this series of articles I look at the reasons behind common rabbit behaviour problems and how they can be resolved.

Digging your Carpet

Digging is natural behaviour for rabbits, and if they don't have the right opportunities to enguage in it, you may find that it is your carpet that suffers.

Bad Litter Box Habits

Rabbits are generally clean animals that use a latrine for toileting, but, if not neutered they can mark their territory, and some need a bit more help to get the hang of using a tray.

Aggression Towards People

Rabbits have a reputation for being cute and cuddly so facing a rabbit that bites, scratches, and kicks can be a bit of a shock. Aggression can be related to heath issues or hormones, but sometimes aggressive rabbits are really just scared.

Hates being Picked Up

Being picked up is not a natural experience for a rabbit. The only time a rabbit would experience this type of movement is if a predator attacks them! For a rabbit to be comfortable with being picked up, it must learn through positive experiences that being lifted isn't something that causes harm.

Chewing the Cage Bars

Chewing the cage bars is often a sign of frustration - in this article take a look at the world from your rabbit's perspective. If you relieve the fustration, the bar chewing should naturally decrease and your rabbit (and you!) will be happier.

More Behaviour Problems Solved

These articles and five more are available as an ebook from Amazon:

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  3. My rabbit hates being picked up
  4. My rabbit is aggressive towards people
  5. My rabbit has bad litter box habits
  6. My rabbit digs the carpet
  7. My rabbit chews things he shouldn't
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Understanding Your Rabbit's Habits

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