Why Rabbits Need Exercise

There are two major causes of health problems in rabbits: incorrect diet and lack of exercise.

Exercise is important for:

Exercise helps build bone density preventing Osteoporosis (weak bones). A lack of exercise increases the risk factors for bone fractures and breaks.

Muscle wastage, particularly in the backend, can effect a rabbits ability to hop normally and move around. The heart is also a muscle and exercise help keeps it fit, so reducing the risk of heart attack.

Mental Well Being
If a rabbit does not have the space to exercise then it does not have the space to exhibit normal behaviour. Rabbits are built to run and hop. This can lead to a whole range of behaviour problems including aggression, over grooming, repetitive bar chewing/cage rattling etc.

It is also a risk factor in many other illnesses including obesity, fly strike, gut issues and sore hocks.

Please give your rabbit room to move. Rabbits should have a run a minimum of 6’x4′ but preferably bigger or access to a larger area regularly so they can run.

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