Rabbit Hutch Size Guide

The minimum recommended size for a hutch is 6' (180cm). In addition, a larger area is needed for daily execise. It is essential that your rabbit has the room to stretch in all directions. A rabbit hutch that's too small can effect your rabbits health - causing spine problems, muscle wastage and obesity.

Rabbit Hutch Width

A relaxed rabbit will fully stretch out when resting. The rabbit hutch should be wide enough to allow you rabbit to lie with its legs stretched. This allows for plenty of room to turn around in the hutch too.

A width of 2' (60cm) is recommended for small to medium sized rabbits and 3' (90cm) for large to giant breeds.

Rabbit Hutch Length

The rabbit hutch should be long enough for the rabbit to take atleast 3-4 hops without bumping its nose on the end.

A minimum length of 6' (180cm) is recommended for a hutch, though this can be slightly flexible providing the hutch is permanently attached to a run giving access to a large area 24/7.

Rabbit Hutch Height

Rabbits stand up on their backlegs to check their environment is safe. The rabbit hutch should be tall enough to allow your rabbit to do this without being hunched over or folding its ears against the roof.

You will need to check your individual bunnies height to see how tall they can stretch. A height of 2' (60cm) is usually adaquate for small to medium rabbits but large breeds may need closer to 3' (90cm).

Recommended Hutch Sizes

The RWA (UK) recommend a minimum hutch size of 6' x 2' x 2' to meet the duty of care requirements under the animal welfare act. With the addition of an exercise run. The RSPCA are currently gathering evidence and will present guidelines in 2012.

The ASPCA (US) recommends rabbits should be housed indoors only in a cage a minimum of 4' x 2' x 2', again with access to a large exercise area.

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