Where to Buy 6ft Rabbit Hutches

The Rabbit Welfare Association recommended minimum size for a rabbit hutch is 6'x2'x2' (180x60x60cm), but finding one that size to buy can be a little tricky. On this page I've rounded up all the different places you can buy or have made hutches this size (and how much it will cost you) as a starting point.

Note: The descriptions are based on manufacturers/retailers information, do check sizes/styles haven't changed before you buy.

In no particular order:

Wordsworth Extra Large Rabbit Hutch

Size: 183L x 61W x 101H cm

Price: £194 inc. del from Amazon

This hutch is manufactured by The Hutch Company but sold through various pet retailers; this means it's not customisable. It's made from 14mm tongue and groove 1" x 1/2" weld mesh. The centre panel fixed and then doors (pre-fitted with bolts) open each end. The hutches apex roof means it has plenty of head room and is one of the tallest options for a single hutch. The bottom panels under the doors are kick plates rather than a tray, they help keep the litter in when you open the door but unbolt and lift up to allow you to sweep litter out when cleaning. It arrives flatpacked and pre-treated with preservative.

My thoughts: Great head height, nice study mesh and catches out of the box, but a little more overhang on the roof would have been nice for weather protection.

Chartwell Single Luxury Rabbit Hutch

Size: 180L x 62W x 72H cm

Price: £120 inc. del from Amazon

With run: inc. 6x4 run £179 (Sold as Kendal Hutch & Run)

This hutch is also made by The Hutch Company and is a similar design to the Wordsworth but with a flat roof. It's made from 14mm tongue and groove with 1" x 1/2" weld mesh. The centre panel fixed and the panels under the doors is removable to aid cleaning.

My thoughts: Great value hutch at the lower end of the price scale. Unless you need the extra head height I'd pick this one of the two Hutch Company options.

Note: This hutch style is available in a range of sizes so make sure you are buying the 6ft version.

British Giant Hutch

Size: 183L x 61W x 53H cm

Price: £200 from Garden Woodcraft

This is hutch is made from tongue and groove redwood and exterior ply. As the company offers bespoke hutches you can customise to suit your needs, for example they offer the option of a sliding door for access to a run, shutters, a choice of mesh or solid doors, taller legs or a hinged roof.

My thoughts: This is nice looking hutch, with a very sturdy design, although I'm personally not keen on a fixed centre panel because it restricts access (particularly if you've got short arms). It's a little more expensive than average but it looks built to last.

6ft Single Hutch

Size: 180L x 60W x 60H cm

Price: £149-184 from The Welfare Hutch Co.

The Welfare Hutch Company has a good reputation for large well-made rabbit accommodation. This hutch (also available in 7') is made from redwood tongue and groove and external ply. It has one solid and two mesh doors - you can pick which end you want the bed compartment. If your comparing prices keep in mind the door bolts and preservative are optional extras so factor these into the price.

My thoughts: A mid priced hutch that ticks all the boxes, from a company with a good reputation for quality.

Extra Large Single Rabbit Hutch

Size: 180L x 60W x 60H cm

Price: £205 from Ryedale Pet Homes

With run: inc. 6x4 run £334 (with 6x6 run)

Ryedale are another well-established hutch build with a good reputation. This hutch is build with 20mm tongue and groove log lap. It has one solid door and two mesh. Bolts are an added extra, but only £7.50. Shutters, a stand and preservative are also available as extras. Arrives assembled so no scratching your head over instructions! They can also build custom hutches if you want something specific.

My thoughts: A little more expensive, particularly if you add in preservative, but the build quality is good and treated well it should last a long time.

Large Rabbit Hutch

Size: 180L x 60W x 60H cm

Price: £165 from Rabbit Hutches UK

This hutch is made from 9mm plywood, with one solid and one mesh (19g) door, and a fixed centre panel. Bolts and wood preservative are included in the price. It's also available in 7' and 8' long, as well as 6' x 3' x 3' or you can order something bespoke.

My thoughts: Plywood isn't quite as sturdy/long lasting as tongue and groove but it's also at the lower end of the price range. The prices on the larger versions are great value for money; you can add a couple of extra feet of space at the same cost as a more expensive hutch.

Single Hutch

Size: 180L x ?W x ?H cm

Price: £120 from Hutches R Us

A tongue and groove hutch, with sturdy 16g mesh and bolts as standard. Includes two doors and a fixed centre panel. It's also available in 7' and 8' long and the company offers bespoke builds if you want something tailored.

My thoughts: Nice looking hutch at a very reasonable price. The roof overhang should offer some extra weather protection that's missing in some hutch designs.

Single Large Rabbit Hutch

Size: 180L x 75W x 75H cm

Price: £199 from Boyle's Pet Housing

Boyle's are rapidly making a name for themselves for very high quality, welfare centred bespoke housing - the smallest size this hutch comes in is 6' x 2.5' x 2.5' (going up to 8' x 3'). The hutch is tongue and groove redwood, with a plywood floor and 19g mesh. The legs, bolts and preservative are included and there are a range of option extras such as a higher stand, bunny-size side door and heavier weight mesh. They offer bespoke builds if you want any other features.

My thoughts: A great quality well thought out design. Although this hutch might look on the more expensive range, keep in mind the extra 6" of width/height. That will give the equivalent of a 7.5' long hutch in floor space (25% more than the others listed).

Flat Roof Rabbit Hutch

Size: 180L x 60W x 60H cm

Price: £110 from Happy Hutch

Happy Hutch is another well established hutch building company. This hutch has ship lap cladding, 19g weld mesh and 4" legs and shutters are available as an option extra. It has one solid and two mesh doors and the hutch is pre-treated with preservative. The door latches are just thumb twists so will need upgrading to bolts.

My thoughts: This is a really good option for a budget hutch (and the price includes delivery - the hutches arrive flat packed).

Proper Rabbit Hutch (6ft)

Size: 185L x 52W x 63H cm

Price: £315 from Forsham Cottage Arks

This hutch is made from pressure treated wood and weld mesh. It's a sturdy design but you will need to add bolts. It's also a few inches short of 2' wide.

My thoughts: Although it's well made there is nothing I can see that really sets it apart from similar hutches that would justify the extra £100 cost over the next most expensive hutch.

Liberta Dartmoor Rabbit Hutch

Size: 180L x 60W x 68H cm

Price: £149 from Pet Planet

This hutch is made by Liberta, who make a range of pet products for retailers; this means there is no scope for customisation. It's made from fir with a log effect and comes pre-treated. Again it has a fixed centre panel with doors each side, each secured with a bolt. It's built to be compatible with the 'Sedgemoor' run they also manufacture so has an inbuilt ramp.

My thoughts: Probably not as sturdy as many of tongue and groove built to order options and if you aren't planning to use it above a run then the drop down ramp might be unwelcome. It's a nice to see features like bolts on a commercially produced hutch though and at a price that might be tempting if you like the design.

Lazy Bones XXL Single Rabbit Hutch

Size: 180L x 60W x ?H cm

Price: £110 from Lazy Bones

Another hutch produced by a trade company for retail, so no customisations are possible. It has a fixed centre panel, two doors (with bolts) and a wipe clean plastic base/tray. It's fairly average quality, not bad, just mass produced rather than handcrafted and not quite as sturdy as some other options. However that's reflected in the price, which is one of the lowest of all the hutches of this size.

My thoughts: If you want space but are on a very tight budget this is a strong contender.

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