Enrichment Illustration

Here’s my rabbit picture for this week, an illustration of enrichment (making your bunnies environment interesting) for some info I’m writing.

Enriching Your Rabbit's Environment

Anyone else draw/painted/created any bunnies this week?

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Learn to understand rabbit behaviour

4 Responses to “Enrichment Illustration”

  1. D. Moll says:

    I am going to the bunny drawing a week thing, but I need to wait a bit, keep up the good work! Nice perspective on this piece!

  2. I like the hanging veggies…. very nicely drawn picture

  3. Shell May says:

    Razzy and Sugie enjoy a space much like that. Minus the fresh veggie bin. 🙂

  4. Charlotte says:

    Very nice. Humphrey approves.

    I have created nothing bunnyish this week 🙁

    Love Charlotte

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