Vaccinations, Checkups & Moulting

Both bunnies were at the vets today. There is nothing wrong, but it’s time for their myxomatosis vaccinations. They have them every six months, and now is a good time to have it done as the insects that carry it will become active with the warmer weather. Vaccination time is also a good chance to get an MOT. My vets are doing a free checks ups all this month, and £5 discount, as part of Rabbit Awareness Week.

Both bunnies got a clean bill of health. The little spur Gypsy had on one tooth a couple of months ago hasn’t reoccurred. She’s got a little extra padding but that’s normal this time of year as I feed a little extra to keep her warm outside over winter.

Scamp has decided it’s spring and is moulting like crazy. Instead of the usual ‘go faster’ stripes he gets along his sides he’s going for a top down approach. He’s moulted out a big saddle over his back. It feels like velvet at the moment, so soft, where his undercoat has come through but not his guard hairs (the thick rougher ones). It also means he’s chocolate on top and instead of brown speckles like normal.

Scamp moulting

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3 Responses to “Vaccinations, Checkups & Moulting”

  1. Lisa says:

    My Biffy is moulting in a very similar pattern to Scamp.

  2. Shell May says:

    Glad they both got a clean bill of health!
    Scamp is quite cute with his new color.
    Sugie and Razzy always seem to shed at their butts first! Mr and Mrs Fuzzy Pants is what I call them.

  3. Nick says:

    Yep, it’s the time of year for moulting! Nice to see the sun at last.

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