Cardboard Tunnels

Scamp is rather chuffed, we got some new shelves and that means boxes! A 8′ long box to be exact – just perfect to make a tunnel.


First thing you need to do with a tunnel … make a second exit.



I’ve been a bit busy with work and enjoying the warm weather in the garden. Scamp on the other hand is still busy trashing the kitchen. He’s perfected the art of jumping from floor to worktop and demonstrated by eating the electric wire to the microwave (cut out the power but didn’t zap himself – how do rabbits do that?). We are presently experimenting with nets, so far this has resulted in a net with even bigger holes and a rabbit napping on the bread board. Maybe the tunnel will distract him.

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7 Responses to “Cardboard Tunnels”

  1. that’s very impressive jumping and chewing skills!

  2. annette says:

    Scamp sure has excellent skills and that tunnel looks exciting.
    I wrap all my cords in the white tubing from Ikea. It’s plastic and Scamp may like to chew it but at least the electrics are protected somewhat. (you could even double wrap it?)
    I bet (in the wild) Scamp would be the main Construction Engineer!
    He would probably love an old tree stump with a tunnel in it – somewhere to climb, hide and gnaw?

  3. Lisa says:

    That’s the most perfect tunnel I’ve ever seen!!!

    I also buy plastic tubing for my wires. It’s good that Scamp’s managed to get this far without hurting himself, but I wouldn’t take any chances. I’ve seen/heard some horror stories. Have a Bunspace friend who lost half his mouth and tongue chewing wires that were behind very heavy furniture so his person didnt’ think he could get to them. He’s lucky to be alive.

  4. Donna says:

    That is a very impressive bunny! How could you be mad at that face? Here’s hoping your microwave can make it through 🙂

  5. Amy says:

    Hes alot like my bunny, ive had Tabasco now for 2 months and im totally in love. im a new bunny owner but im researching constantly to make sure i can give him the best and healthiest life possible. he should be testosterone free in a couple of weeks as we had him castrated asap. it was free luckily as we adopted him from pets at home. my fiance couldnt leave him there as hed always wanted a rabbit but couldnt have one as his sister is alergic but wed recently moved into a flat together. i wasnt keen on the idea at first as id had bad experiences with rabbits in the past biting me so i was always nervous with them and the week before both my sisters had bit me, the male one left quite a a mark. sorry if im going on lol i just really love this site, dont know how google has never sent me here before, all the other sites ive looked at seem to be in the usa. we already have a mate for him, a 12 week old lion head named misty but i made the mistake of introducing them too early. they had a little fight which i broke up immidiatly, i have the scratches to prove it but they seem to have forgiven each other as they approach each others cages and tabasco has stopped marking outside mistys cage. atleast i can ask on here if i need any further help. your scamp is a beautiful boy 🙂

    • Tamsin says:

      Hi Amy, I hope Tabasco is doing well (what a great name!). Hopefully now he’s neutered the introductions will go better, although you may want to consider getting Misty neutered too as sometimes it’s the girls that can be the trouble makers!

  6. Amy says:

    Hi Tasmin 🙂 I tried again with them on sunday 18th march because thats when his hormones should have gone and theyre in love 🙂 i put them in the kitchen this time but misty just sat in the cats litter looking scared. i sat on the floor with them to reasure her and then they both pooed in the cats litter :S my sister whos doing an animal care course was comming over to do some target training with Tabasco for her college project anyway and i wanted her opinion on theyre body language so i put them away until she arrived. then when she got there we took a bunny each into the kitchen, removing the litter this time, and she said well they dont mind each other that much else theyd fight right away. they were fine so we moved to the living room, they were ok but misty sat in there litter box again and wouldnt let him use it and they had a little scuffle and she ran in her hutch so we shut her in there a minute because she seemed scared. wed noticed misty seemed scared of him and Tabasco just wanted to be friends he wasnt being mean so my fiance said, why dont we put them in the cage together, we wont leave the room and if theres any trouble well spit them up right away. so we did and after realising she couldnt get away, misty accepted a good grooming from Tabasco and 10 minutes later she washed him back and within the hour they were snuggled up together 🙂 i know usually this introduction isnt recommended but it worked for us. now theyre inseperable, he panicks if he cant find her. we will get her spayed once she is old enough too though, its alot better for them, just slowly introducing greens to her at the minute, just a tiny bit and only one thing each day as shes only nearly 4 months. sorry i go on lol :S

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