mmm fruity!

Look at these strawberries… I brought them as bare root plants a few months ago and they are now producing some very tasty strawberries. Home grown strawberries are soo much tastier that shop brought and so much more economical too. They were on offer so twelve plants cost the same as one tray of strawberries from the supermarket. Once they are done producing strawberries  they’ll start sending out runners to create more plants which means even more strawberries next year – for free!

cambridge favourite strawberries

The strawberries aren’t the only fruit growing well. The raspberries and blackberries are beginning to plump up,  and the grapes aren’t far behind.

grape vine

The bunnies like our attempts at fruit growing too. Rabbit’s can eat strawberry leaves and tops.. and strawberries of course (if there were any left). I have to keep chasing Gypsy away from the raspberries.

rabbit eating raspberries

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Learn to understand rabbit behaviour

2 Responses to “mmm fruity!”

  1. Charlotte says:

    Oh look at Gypsy ‘hiding’ in the corner of the photo!

    Humphrey doesn’t do strawberries, which is odd isn’t it. Likes the leaves though.

    As I type he is chomping away on a home grown carrot, the picture of contentment.


  2. Lisa says:

    I want home grown berries!

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