Mini Bunny Pictures

I’ve been drawing lots of little bunny pictures to illustrate different rabbit behaviours. Just little sketches. They are for a a mini guide to rabbit behaviour I’ve been working on. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish working on it but I’m enjoying drawing the pictures. It really makes you think about the subtle ways bunnies communicate.

Coincidentally, The Bunny Boys picked today to post an excellent photographic guide to the most important bunny behaviours, in memory of their Skittles. It gave me a good giggle! Check it out here:

Stick around, I’m just waiting for some videos of Scamp to finish uploading in which he demonstrates cute sleepy bunny behaviour.

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Learn to understand rabbit behaviour

2 Responses to “Mini Bunny Pictures”

  1. shell may says:

    I love those pictures. You should indeed make a book. It would be wonderful.

  2. emily swan says:

    i am interested in seeing a more detailed picture of your sketches and rabbit behavior. i own a bunny and want to see what kind of behaviors you have listed and what you thought it looked like. would it be possible for you to send me a picture of it?

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