Carrot Tops – Free Rabbit Food

This lovely pile of carrot tops are from our local pick-your-own farm. My mum got them for free when she went to pick some tasty fruit. Our garden fruit supply is good for eat as you pick but not plentiful full enough to turn in to crumble and pie and all the other tasty things you can make with baskets full of fruit .

Many places discard parts of vegetables that rabbits like to eat. Things like carrot top, cauliflower leaves and sprout stalks. If you ask politely they are often kind enough to let you take a bag full, particularly if you are buying some of their produce too. Otherwise it’s just composted or worse thrown in to the general waste.

It made me think of all the other sources of free rabbit food. We’ve had free vegetable parts from both the local farm shop and market. Anyone got any other ideas?

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2 Responses to “Carrot Tops – Free Rabbit Food”

  1. The Human says:

    I just pick up things from the hederow when I’m out walking, or walking home from the train station… usually dandelion, wild parsley. Sometimes just some really long lush yummy looking grass! Buttons loves it!

  2. shell may says:

    How wonderful is that! I sure wish I had something like that around here. Too afraid to pick things out of yards as they are full of pestisides and fertilizers.

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