Rabbit Behaviour Book

I’ve got some exciting news! I’ve been plugging away at a book on bunny behaviour for ages and now it’s almost done.

Looking for treats or ready to attack, what do you think?

I have finished drawing the 100 or so pictures of bunnies jumping, stretching, sleeping, eating, washing, fighting, grazing and doing all the other things bunnies do. There are just a couple touch ups to finish. Trying to draw the difference between a rabbit that feeling a bit nervous and one that’s demanding nose rubs, for example, is certainly a good way to make you think about subtle rabbit body language. It’s amazing how many different emotions rabbits convey by just adjusting the angle of their ears.

To go with the pictures, I’ve written thousands of words all about rabbit behaviour and why rabbits do the things that they do, then deleted half and written some more. I’ve also sent it to a proof reader (bunny owner and author Chandra Beal) to have my spelling and grammar beaten into submission. Then corrected all the bits marked with red pen. Brains are funny things; how is it possible to read something over and over and still not notice you’ve written about rabbit’s odd hobbits instead of habits?

The front cover design is sorted, it just needs the barcode and the blurb filled in on the back:

What do you think?

I’ve carried out user testing, by roping in some bunny owners to act as guinea pigs, including the awesome Diana Moll from QI Papers, whose comments were a big help. I also asked Scamp to give it the once over and sign off.

It say's in here that you have to accommodate my behavioural need to chew ... so why do you keep complaining when I eat the cupboard?

Do you think I could charge a premium for copies autographed *cough* chibbled by Scamp?

Update 1st September 2011 – It’s now available to order!

Click Here to Order your Copy

Understanding Your Rabbit’s Habits
ISBN: 978-09543500-2-4

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Learn to understand rabbit behaviour

11 Responses to “Rabbit Behaviour Book”

  1. DIana Moll says:

    the eye on the rabbit you show is perfect! and I’d say it was looking for treats, if it were intending to attack the the ears would be back and the tail lifted. How did I do?

    • Tamsin says:

      Thank you, I think I’ve redone every eye in the book. I can’t believe how weird some of them looked once you had said.

      And spot on about the bunny – that’s definitely a ‘I’m sure there is a treat jar around here somewhere’ pose.

  2. DIana Moll says:

    PS at least it didn’t have hobbits on the cover.

  3. Rose says:

    Wow this is a really good idea! How much will the book be? Rabbits are usually misunderstood with their behaviours and this book will help so much!

    Good work!

    • Tamsin says:

      Thank you! I agree, so many bunny problems are just misunderstanding between people and rabbits over normal behaviour. Once you understand things from their point of view, it changes the way you think when it comes to care.

      The RRP is £9.99 but I’m doing pre-orders at £8.99 with free postage here: http://www.therabbithouse.com/behaviour/

  4. Lisa says:

    I defniitely was thinking “looking for treats” too.

    Tamsin, will the book be available in the States?

  5. annette says:

    congratulations on your book!! yay!!
    and Scamp’s signature would be the finishing touch I reckon!!
    and I know the bun above is looking for treats 🙂

  6. Ana says:

    Hi! Do you consider selling digital copies?

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