RSPCA Happy Bunnies (featuring Scamp)

Remember the RSPCA request for clips of happy bunnies? Here is the finished video:

Can you spot Scamp? And again, and again, and again. What can I say, he’s a very happy bunny!

Don’t forget, if you want a change to win a copy of The Relaxed Rabbit DVD leave a comment by Saturday.

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Learn to understand rabbit behaviour

10 Responses to “RSPCA Happy Bunnies (featuring Scamp)”

  1. DIana Moll says:

    He IS a happy bunny!!

  2. Manuela says:

    Wow, this gave me a lot of ideas to keep my bunny entertained!!
    This video was really cute!!! I’m sure my bunny will love all these activities!
    I will try these activities as soon as possible!

  3. Frances says:

    Good grief! Scamp is very nearly doing a complete take-over here! We’ve all got a lot to learn from your curious chap and his playmate!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Gus & Maddie says:

    Aww, Scamp is so sweet! He seems to be quite a spoiled bun! I have a question, How long do rabbits usually live? Thanks!

  5. Michelle May says:

    He looks so wonderful! The minute I saw the video I went “hey! I know that bunny!”

  6. Manuela says:

    I made a maze for my bunny! He is still learning how to go to the finish line, but sometimes he does get there! Sometimes he cheats and goes all the way back to the start, and sometimes when he’s just a paw away from the finish line he goes all the way back! He also pushes the blockers out of the way just to make it simple! He’s really cute when he does that!!

  7. Rabbits are just like children play with them and keep them amused and they will be happy and content

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