The Rabbit Sat on the Mat

Scamp sitting on a grass mat, just outside his warren entrance (cardboard tunnel).

This is Scamp’s Christmas present, he really likes it! How can I tell? Not because three weeks post Christmas it’s still in one piece (usually the opposite is true for rabbits – the more they like it the quicker it is shredded). I know because he has shifted his napping spot 9″ to the left so that he can sit on the mat whilst napping. Rabbit’s really like routine, so I know he really likes his mat because he’s changed his habits to use it. In case you think I’m a bit mean, I haven’t moved the mat 9″ to the right as that would be under the sink, and I don’t think natural fibre mats appreciate having water dripped on them.

It’s a big responsibility being a pet owner, he had no way of saying: “Hey, I really wish I had something just about here to sit on’. We have to try and anticipate our rabbit’s wants and needs. Any else found something their your bunny really likes that maybe isn’t one of the basics (food/water/litter tray etc.)?

Want to see a cute, mat related video….


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Learn to understand rabbit behaviour

13 Responses to “The Rabbit Sat on the Mat”

  1. Jade says:

    Wow, that was some stretch!

    Mickey is unimpressed with grass mats, although he likes to fling them around on occasion. Nothing but the best carpeted mats or one of his plushy thrones for his pampered bunneh butt. He will stretch out on bare floor on occasion, usually during the summer, but otherwise, it’s carpeted comfort all the way.

    • Tamsin says:

      Scamp likes carpet… to dig. Our poor corners. He does stretch out in between ripping it to shreds, but I wouldn’t trust him unsupervised. I think he’s a bit of a yob really, Mickey obviously has a lot more class 😉

  2. tamara says:

    There’s a very significant typo in your post. The beginning of the second paragraph should clearly read “It’s a big responsibility being owned by a pet.”

    I love your analysis of the situation. It’s perfect. I adore Scamp. I’m glad I don’t live with him, given that his desire to eat an entire house might be just a tiny bit too intimidating for me (my four only eat small pieces of my house). But I love him. Thanks for sharing him.

    • Tamsin says:

      Whoops! I’ll get Scamp to proofread next time!

      It starts with small pieces whilst they get you smitten, then you find them eating big pieces and just admire how cute/clever they are sneaking through your bunny proofing attempts.

  3. What an adorable video!

  4. Debbie says:

    Scamp is very entertaining! Frodos favorite “throw, sit on, sleep on/under, chase etc” is actually a cat blanket/toy, just a simple soft furry circle with a tail…if we lift it up he loves the feel of it as it wafts over his face and he tries to catch it whilst binkying and honking. If I lift it up and leave it on top of his home before we go to bed he will reach up and pull it down to snuggle up to 🙂 Frodo has to be locked in his home at night because he too would go on the rampage, me thinks Scamp and Frodo would get into some serious mischeif if they ever met 😉 x

  5. Lindsey says:

    Aw, Scamp is lovely!

    Bunny and Poppy love sitting on our dining chairs – that is their odd but favourite place! They seem to like being there under the table but off the floor 🙂

  6. Lisa says:

    I’m still in shock over that grass mat being intact. It seems like as the years go by, my bunnies communicate with me more and more. I can’t tell whether it’s because they are becoming more willing, or getting better at sending messages, or if I’m getting better at receiving them. Case in point: last night Biffy used his face to get my hand to the exact spot he wanted to be scratched, much the same way as an especially friendly cat would. The first time I thought he was trying to bite me. The second time he did it (in fact seconds later), I got it. He’s never done that before, and it kind of caught me off guard.

    • Tamsin says:

      Aww, that’s so sweet, he’s got you well trained then.

      I think it must be a combination of the two, I’m think it’s both ways: they get better at reading us and us them, communication is a two way street after all.

  7. Avery says:

    My two fur babies must have their cardboard boxes. They each like a specific size that I assume are in proportion to their respective sizes. Malenkii uses his as a seat from which to survey his kingdom (and brother); Shu prefers to snooze in the darkness of the inner recesses of the box. Shu also has a blanket he loves. They show their different personalities in their choices. Malenkii is into everything and doesn’t want to miss out; Shu’s favorite thing in getting pets while snoozing.

  8. Michelle May says:

    Scamp, you are just so darn cute!

  9. Zoe Taylor says:

    I have the same kinda thing Lisa, my bunny Noses my hand if i stop, (like a dog noses you to keep going) and the same thing to get me started, he comes up, and noses me, i caught on right away the first time he ever did it, i thought one day…ohh maybe he might like a head scratch…and so it went on, first time i did it, and stopped, he looked up and nosed my hand to keep going, i guessed he wanted more, and it went from there, we’ve had him a year now (17th February 2011 we got him – 8weeks old 🙂 )

  10. Manuela says:


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