Scamp, the Rabbit with Discerning Tastes

Last weekend, Scamp got a big parcel in the post, from Monster Pet Supplies, with the note below enclosed:

Me: Scamp, come here – look what you got in the post.

Scamp: A box! That is the coolest box ever, I love spots they go with my moult stripes. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Me: Umm, no, you’re meant to be reviewing the products that came in the box.

The Treats

In the box: Russel & Friends Crazy Carrot & Parsnip Crunchers

Me: Look treats!

Scamp: I love them!

Me: You haven’t tried them yet…

Scamp: They are treats, I haven’t met a treat I didn’t like.

Scamp: Told you I’d like them.

Me: That is my finger!

Scamp: Just checking for crumbs.

Scamp’s verdict: Extremely Yummy

My verdict: Actually, for commercial treats, these aren’t so bad, they are basically carrot/parsnip, wheat flour and flaked oats – I add oats to my home made treats. So while a lump of parsnip is a healthier option, as a special treat now and then Scamp will take my finger off for them.

The Litter

Also in the box: Supreme Tumblefresh Bedding

Me: Look, some lovely litter for your tray, it’s 250% absorbent!

Scamp: Hold on, let me wee on it!

Me: Wait, I thought you were going to wee on it?

Scamp: Every bun knows you can’t wee on it until you’ve kicked it about a bit – this is why they’ve got a rabbit to write the review.

Scamp’s verdict: What can you say, it’s litter: I wee’d on it, it didn’t explode or anything. It’s soft of my behind, so I’ll take it.

My verdict: This is very similar to the paper based cat litter Scamp usually uses, it seems to work a treat and like the cat litter it is compostable. I like the resealable bag and I think it smells nicer than the cat litter. Only downside is it works a bit more expensive.

The Food

Also in the bag: Supreme Science Selective Rabbit Food

This is Scamp’s normal brand, so we already know he likes it. Although, when I got a new bag a few weeks ago they’d upped the fibre and Scamp wasn’t quite so keen. Supreme were nice enough to send Scamp some of their ‘Mature’ version of the pellets to try out – which he approved of. He seems to have got over his huff about the original bag now any way (contrary rabbit) – he’s got rather a lot of bags/varieties to munch his way through now!

Long pellets are the standard version, round the mature.

Scamp: I’ll try one of these (yum), and one of those (yum), oh no I’ve forgotten what the first one tasted like, I’ll try one of these (yum), and one of those (yum), maybe one of those and then these (yum). This is such a tough job!

Scamp’s Verdict: Yum

My verdict: I love Supreme Selective – I’ve been feeding my bunnies on it for years.

Supreme also sent him some Fibre First to try out – which Scamp loved. The Fibre First is a sort of cross between a pellet and a compressed grass cube, they are 2-4″ long and smell gorgeous – all herby.

They would be brilliant if you’ve got a bit of a reluctant hay eater. When Scamp’s munched his way through his current supply of food (maybe by Christmas) I think I’ll get him some more of these.

So, thanks, Monster Pet Supplies and Supreme, Scamp very much enjoyed eating, err, helping you review, your products.


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8 Responses to “Scamp, the Rabbit with Discerning Tastes”

  1. I love Scamp’s review style!

  2. brandi says:

    Hmmm….Scamp, your job is difficult, but someBUN HAS to do it, mate. I don’t know that we get Monster brand here in the colonies, Scamper, but your reviews made me chuckle out loud. If you bite off your mum’s finger, she will have a harder time working that treat bag! Keep up the hard work. Those pellety/grassy things on the last picture look intresting!

  3. Lucky Scamp getting gifties to sample and review! Mr. Mick has had a few occasions to test new stuff, but he is so very picky about what he will eat or use that him giving a product a “paws-up” is a rarity.

  4. Saira says:

    I love Scamp. Such joie de vivre <3

  5. Rose says:

    This is great! Fantastic review Scamp! It’s great that companies acknowledge your blog and want to send you gifts to review! Keep up the good work (nomming) 😉

  6. Thanks to you and Scamp for this brilliant review! The pics really make it – what a photogenic bunny. Glad he liked the treats – we’ve even tried those in the office as they’re all-natural ingredients!
    Very cute indeed, thank you again.

    Charlotte@Monster x

  7. Bea says:

    Hi! What hay do you feed scamp? I know that timothy hay is the best but I’m unsure whether to get it from my local independent pet shop or whether to get a brand or a pet stores own brand or what! With hay being the most important part of a rabbits diet I want to make sure I get it right

    • Tamsin says:

      Hi Bea, Scamp has meadow hay which our local pet shop sells in bags. It’s not branded so I presume they or their supplier just breaks up bales and bags it up. Timothy is very popular but personally I think meadow hay is just as good – really whatever your bunny will eat happily should work! Look for hay that is greenish and smells good, and personally I’d avoid stuff that’s been chopped into small pieces.

      It all starts out the same – grass in a field, so don’t feel like you have to buy expensive branded/packaged hay. You can buy it by the bale in a farm shop if you’ve got the space to store it/enough bunnies to eat it!

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