Rabbit Proofing Kitchen Cupboards

Scamp likes to chew, and as far as he’s concerned the bottom edges of my kitchen cabinets are just perfect for gnawing on. I don’t share his enthusiasm, so I had some custom cupboard protectors made. They are clear perspex (in the first picture it still has the blue protective film on) with a small lip the depth of the door. They are held on with clear sticky pads.

Cupboard protectors

Protecting cupboards from rabbits

I had them made to order from a perspex ebay seller. There are lots to choose from and many sellers will cut to size if you ask. You can also pick perspex up in a DIY store.

They have been up for awhile now and successfully Scamp-proofed the doors (he’s moved on to the skirting). I have to peel them off occassionally to clean behind but in general they look neat and work great.

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  1. Shell May says:

    Oh boy! Do I ever need those for the baseboards! Fantastic!
    So glad you came by to visit me on my blog!
    I’m going to add you to my blogroll.
    Hugs to you and Scamp,

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