Update & Stick Eating

I was a bit busy last week (one year I’ll do my tax return before the last minute). No exciting bunny news. Just an average week, three escapes (two involving fishing Scamp out from under a bed and one involving Gypsy and a torch), the new litter tray now has the same decorative holes as the old one (I’m thinking something in stainless steel next), a vaccination reminder from the vets (which means I must pick up a new carrier as the old one also has decorative holes) and the handle on the baby gate is disintegrating so I’m on the look out for a new one of those (must keep Scamp in but not make it too difficult for people to get through).

After ignoring the sticks, the vet kindly gave him & Gypsy as a Christmas gift, for a whole month, Scamp has decided he will chew it if, and only if, you hold if for him. If you don’t he’ll eat the skirting or his litter tray instead. Yumm, stick…


And a video of stick eating. It’s not particularly riveting, but just be thankful you weren’t the one holding it for the other 20 minutes or so not on camera!

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4 Responses to “Update & Stick Eating”

  1. D. Moll says:

    I had the sound turned up for the stick chewing segment of this blog and Amelia woke from her dream and became quite alert, thinking there was someone chewing in her room! Sounds like Scamp was waiting for his sticks to be properly aged (and presented).

  2. Shell May says:

    You are such a good bunny mom holding that stick for 20 minutes! hee,hee,hee.
    Scamp sure did enjoy it!
    your friend,

  3. Charlotte says:

    Oh that’s marvelous – he is a lucky chap. And love the wry comment about stick holding!!

    Stainless steel litter tray? Or enamel / ceramic – like our own bathroom furniture maybe?!

    Humph has taken to waking me up every morning by gnawing on Mike’s chest of drawers. Mike has yet to notice although quite how I don’t know. It sure gets me out of bed quickly!


  4. Bilbo says:

    My darling Ollie (Beardie – other blog – assume you’ve seen him) much preferred it if we held his Nylabone. He was very dextrous and quite capable of holding it himself but it obviously tasted much better when Mum or Dad was preapred to hold the thing for 20 minutes and get covered in dog slobber!

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