New Litter Tray

Scamp got a new litter tray today. Unfortunately the customisations he had made to his old one made it a bit impractical as a litter tray. High sided tray with no corners anyone?

old litter tray

It’s not too bad though, his new washing up bowl.. err litter tray.. was only £1.60 at Tesco.  It is exactly like the old one, except whiter, but he wasn’t entirely convinced.

new litter tray

An application of hay seemed to settle the matter though.

rabbit litter tray

I’ve never been that impressed with pet store litter trays. They seem to underestimate either the height a rabbit can lift its tail or how much extra space is needed for hay/napping. Washing up bowls and storage boxes provide a much better choice of sizes.

Anyone want to place a bet on how many corners will be left by tommorow morning?

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