Stamps for Rabbit Rescues

I work up this morning to my first Christmas card of the year and snow! With only four weeks or so until Christmas we’re entering the busiest time of the year for the postal system. What does that have to do with rabbits you are probably wondering… well many charities including lots of rabbit rescues collect stamps as part of their fundraising efforts. So, when you are opening your Christmas post set the stamps aside (just cut them off with a 5mm ish border) and when you’ve got an envelope full drop them off or post them to a rescue that collects them. I’m sending mine off to Bobtails Rabbit Rescue. If you know any rescues that collect them, post it in the comments to let others know.

On to the weather, if you have outdoor bunnies then hopefully your winter proofing is already in effect but if not here are some tips on winter care for rabbits. Wild rabbits live outdoors all year around but their warrens are underground which keeps them insulated. A hutch alone is not enough insulation to protect a pet bunny so lots of bedding and a hutch cover is essential.

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