Rabbit Hutch Covers

Rabbit hutch covers are designed to fit over your hutch and provide additional weather proofing. Depending of the type of cover this might include insulation or clear plastic panels that fit over the hutch doors.

When picking a cover consider:

For more tips on winter weather proofing see: Rabbit Hutches in Winter

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Ready Made/Made to Measure Hutch Covers

Scratch & Newton Hutch Hugger

Hutch Hugger

Scratch & Newton offer a massive range of different size hutch covers as well as a custom made service if your hutch is a non standard size. The covers fit completely over the hutch with the roof, ... read more

c.a.b.j Made to Measure Hutch Covers

Made to Measure Hutch Covers

Having your hutch cover made to measure may cost a little extra but it can give you a better fit, partcularly if your hutch is a non standard size. These covers are custom made by Ebay seller c.a.b.j (Alan). You have the option of a ... read more

Covers to Fit Specific Hutch Brands

These covers are made to fit specific hutches, but it's also worth checking if any happen to match your hutch size.

Natura Rabbit Hutch Covers

Trixie Natura Hutch Covers

Trixie offer covers to fit their range of rabbit hutches and enclosures. The covers are made of nylon with plastic windows to cover... read more

Hutch Cover

RabbitShack Hutch Cover

These covers are designed to fit the Rabbit Shack range of double storey hutches and come in a range of sizes including... read more

DIY Rabbit Hutch Covers

Hutch covers can be expensive to buy but you can easily make covers that will provide the same benefits. The simplest covers can just be draped over the hutch, with a couple of bricks on top to keep it in place. A tarp will act as a rain cover, and if you want insulation for warmth than add old carpet, blanket, duvet cover or bubble wrap underneath. It's important that insulation materials like blankets stay dry - they won't work if they are soggy.

A neater, more fitted solution can be achieved with:

DIY Hutch Cover

The foil backed insulation comes in rolls 60cm (2') wide and 7.5m long, so one roll will make a cover for a standard 6'x2' hutch with spare left over. If you need to overlap it for taller/wider hutches then make sure the top section is over the lower one so water runs down the outside, not between joints. The insulation can easily be cut with scissors into panels to fit the back, sides and top of your hutch. Then join the sections using duck tape.

Reusable cable ties or short pieces of rope can be used to loop around the hutch legs and anchor the cover to the hutch. Stick a piece of duck tape to both sides of the insulation before making a hole through for the tie, this will reinforce it and help prevent it from tearing.

For the front of the hutch, you could use another section of insulation but only tape it at the top so you can lift it up easily to open the hutch doors. You could also tape on a section of clear plastic instead over the mesh so your bunnies can see out.

Don't cover the whole hutch up, you'll need a ventilation gap for free air.

how to make a rabbit hutch cover

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