Things I Like to Sit On – By Scamp

Considering rabbits are supposed to be ground dwelling, Scamp seems to spend a lot of time off the floor. He has quite a list of thing he likes to sit or climb on in an evenings exercise…

I like to sit on the Sofa, I like it even better if the people on the sofa have food. Can't stay long though, too many other things to sit on.

The table is a good place to sit, you never know what you might find there.

This is my mummies, mummies coursework, I'm just checking the spelling, honest!

From there it's only a short hop to the top of the fish tank... great look out point!

It's kind of a long way down though!

Over here are some rather nice books, I don't have time to read but I'm hoping one day they'll be high enough I can scale the wall.

Is Scamp just a funny bunny, or are their others out there that are part monkey?

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Learn to understand rabbit behaviour

7 Responses to “Things I Like to Sit On – By Scamp”

  1. D. Moll says:

    Scamp you are just too much!! And your balancing act on the books is worthy of Circque do Soliel (sp).

  2. Hef's Mom says:

    I have read that rabbits do like to be at the highest point they can get to so they can keep a better lookout. I love the photo of Scamp jumping down!

  3. Our bunny used to jump onto the bed, but would never jump onto the living room chairs!

  4. Tamsin, this is brilliant. I can’t believe how agile he is! Good job there was a lid on the fish tank eh!

  5. Lisa says:

    My buns just realized that they are not forbidden to be on the couch, so we find them there pretty often. They also like to sit on the ktichen chairs (even when they’re pushed under the kitchen table, which reminds me of cats because every cat I ever had did the same thing), and we’ve found evidence of them playing on the table as well. I’ve never seen them climb higher than that, but I don’t think we have much that they could actually get to that’s any higher than that.

    Tamsin, I’m SO impressed, both by Scamp’s agility, and your action shots capturing it! Ever thought about agility training for him? Your fishtank is beautiful, too.

  6. Shell May says:

    Scamp is so funny! I love the picture of him with his face in your cup!
    Harrington likes to jump up on things too. He’s always into something.
    xx, shell

  7. Zoe Taylor says:

    Love it!!, Rabbits are so funny the way they do different things, i love it when my rabbit does a Binky!

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