DIY Cardboard Shreddable Mat for Rabbits

I was helping my sister put together some scratch pads for her cat when it occurred to me that Scamp would love this too. So here is how to make a cat scratching pad / bunny lounging mat / dig n shred toy.

Step 1: Find a Box

To start you need a box with a base about this size you want your finished pad. This ones about A4. You’ll need to remove any tape/labels so it’s bunny safe.


Step 2: Chop the Bottom Off the Box

Using a knife or scissors chop around the base of the box so that you end up with a tray about 1-2″ deep. Don’t discard the rest of the box – you’ll need that next.


Step 3: Make a lot of Strips of card

With the left over cardboard (you may need an extra box) cut strips the same length as the length of the tray and the same width or slightly more than the depth of the tray. So if you tray is 12″ long and 2″ deep, then cut strips 12″ long and 2″ wide. The easiest thing is to cut one, pop it in the tray to check and then use that as a template. Don’t worry about being too perfect – it’s probably going to get shredded anyway! How many you’ll need will depend on the size of your tray and the thickness of your cardboard.

Pro tip: finding it a bit of a flaff with craft knife or scissors – use a bread knife – it whizzes through cardboard!


Step 4: Slot the strips into the box

Once you’ve got a good handful of strips you can start slotting them into the box. The strips go in on end.


Pack them in so they are wedged in tight:


Stop at the point you try to wedge one more in and the whole lot pop out in protest … then put them all back in minus that last one.


Step 5: Add Rabbit

You should now have a lovely dense cardboard mat perfect for sitting in, digging at and generally shredding.


You could make it more fun (and encourage shredding) by sprinkling some dried herbs/plant mix on it for your bun to root out.


Scamp loves a mat to sit on and this one was really quick to make, much faster than the woven mat I tried, and just used free scrap cardboard so cheap too. Let me know if you give it a go and what your bunny thinks!

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14 Responses to “DIY Cardboard Shreddable Mat for Rabbits”

  1. Yasmine says:

    It’s always such a pleasure to see you Scamp! <3

  2. Kimberly says:

    My rabbit loves cardboard! It doesn’t matter what it’s for, Oliver will chew on it! Check out some of the toys on my blog

  3. Bunny Box says:

    Wow this is a super cool idea, i will be making for this ‘Mr Buttons’ when i have chance this weekend!
    Such a simple idea too!

  4. CBunnies says:

    Tried making these and kinda failed.:) my bunny loves the mat! Just a questions, does anyone know good male bunny names? I’ve had him for a while and he still doesn’t have a name! thanks.

  5. Kath says:

    Can u use any type of cardboard?

    • Tamsin says:

      It really needs to be corrugated as you’d need an awful lot of pieces if it’s just thin card. Any box will do though, just remove and tape and avoid anything with a lot of printing on if your bun chews it.

  6. Kathy says:

    Can u use any type of cardboard? How do u know if there is any chemicals in it

    • Edward Dietrich says:

      I’m making one right now. I picked plain, brown cardboard without any inked markings on it. Also, I removed any plastic tape. I know that the items shipped in these boxes were not chemically treated so I must assume it will be OK.

  7. Mommyk says:

    My 9 week old Himalayan bunny destroyed and chewed this up within seconds


    Any way to make it last longer? I wrapped it with bunny safe twine but it still got chewed and demolished.

    Thanks for the idea.

    • Tamsin says:

      Aww, busy little bunny! You could try threading a stick or piece of wire through to hold them in place, or maybe even the bunny safe string. A slightly deeper box might help too 🙂

  8. Heulwen says:

    I made this for my fluffies because they LOVE cardboard and wanted something different to keep them interested (and off my furniture!). It’s worked a treat and they go nuts for finding the dried herbs too. I’ve read through other comments and threading some natural string or something through the cardboard strips will probably make it last longer as my buns are enjoying yanking them out at the moment haha.

  9. Lindsay says:

    What kind of herbs can you use?

    • Tamsin says:

      Basil, coriander, mint, parsley are all safe for rabbits. You could also used other dried plants e.g. dandelion, blackberry etc. see what you can find available.

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