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Rabbit Play Pen Gallery

A play pen is a great way to provide your indoor rabbit more exercise space without giving him/her full access to your house and non bunny proofed areas. If you are thinking about getting a play pen this link may be helpful:

Here are some examples to inspire you:

Sweets's Recycled Bedframe Play Pen

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This is Sweets's house/cage. It takes up most of my bedroom. It's made from old bed bases we just had lying around in the shed! It is very sturdy. He gets alot of free time in my room also (see last picture).

This is a great example of adding a pen to a cage to extend the space your rabbit has. The ramp down from the cage means Sweetie can access the exercise space whenever she likes and having the cage raised means the space underneath is usable too. I love the idea of repurposing the bed frame to make the pen, it shows that creating good housing doesn't have to be expensive.

Giant Play Pen / Cage Extension

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The cage on the left is Solara's. the cage on the right is Sabriel's. but they share the pen. (Solara's cage is bigger cause we got her first and we had to bond them.. we didn't wanna spend too much money more so we bought him that cage and a separate pen, but now since they're fully bonded, they can have all this unlimited space :D)

Another good example of how adding a pen to a cage can give your rabbit a lot more space. This is a lovely big area. Wire pens are really flexible; you can bend them to fit a difficult space and fold them up temporarily if you need more room. If you don't have a big house, you could fold out a pen at night when you aren't using the room and fold it up in day time. That way both humans and rabbits can use the space.

NIC Storage Cube Indoor Pens

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Here's my indoor housing - So many different ones - NIC Cubes are great!

I agree storage cubes are great! They can be used to make a cage or a pen, and you can take them apart and reconfigure them to create different spaces depending on your rabbits needs. They are also handy for bunny proofing - the back on the pen means the skirting boards are protected.

Wooden Playpens

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These are custom made wooden playpens/runs used indoors.

Wooden runs are very popular for outdoor use, but they aren't very common for indoors. I don't know why, they are a good, and fairly inexpensive, way to make a study pen. You can also use pet-safe treatment to stain or paint the wood to match your furnishings. If you aren't any good at DIY, and company that custom makes rabbit runs should be able to make you something to fit your indoor space.

Wire Indoor Playpen

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This is a wire playpen, it stands on a sheet of lino covered in rugs, it has lots of toys, tunnels and boxes.

Another example of using a wire puppy pen as a large living space. The lino is a good way to protect your flooring. Note how the lino is slightly larger than the pen; this stops your rabbit from getting at the edges and chewing them. Lino can be slippy so look for a textured finish or use rugs to add grip.

Linked Play Pens

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These pictures are about a month old and slightly different to how I have it right now, but gives the basic idea. This is just for during the day as the room isn't 100% bunny proofed. Free range time from 5:30pm - midnight every day. Free-range all day Saturday/Sunday while we're in :)

With most puppy pens, you can add extra panels so you can increase the size of your pen easily by adding an extra set. Do be wary on height though, some rabbits are very agile and will clear 2-3' easily - particularly if there is anything to jump from. You can by wire pens with lids but any easy option is to peg a sheet or netting to the top. It doesn't need to be chew proof as your rabbit can only reach by jumping which makes chewing tricky.

If you have photos of your rabbits housing to add the gallery please email me a description and three photos.

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