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Benson's Bamboo Palace

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Here are a couple of photos of Benson's house, built by my husband from pine and bamboo canes. It is carpeted throughout and has a ramp up to the first floor, the front opens completely and there is a pop-hole for Benson either side (one with a ramp that doubles as a door). We built it for Bramble our first bun and she refused to use it until there were two exits - she chewed the canes until we got the message. A small litter tray just fits in the lower floor. I don't think it would confine a rabbit for long but ours are free range - it just gives them a place of their own. Bella and Becky don't fit any more as they are Giants so it is Benson's refuge when they are a bit too boisterous.


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iqra wrote: its really good.i love it (05/04/2009)

tamziie2010 wrote: nice (24/09/2010)

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