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Shed & Warren Rabbit Run

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This is the custom made shed I've bought. Looking for a large sturdy cage for (then three now) two rabbits decided a shed would be of better value. I stripped down the original cage to its basic design as it had been 'developed' by me with extensions plus the run, it now sits neatly inside. Also inside I've put grills to prevent them from eating the wood and getting out the door. I've used some left over floor tiles for the floor.

I've semi-permenantly afixed the run to the shed, wedged by battons and the contents, easily dismantleable. The floor are 2'' thick wooden planks lain on a brick base(lain for the shed) allows for ventillation.
I've utilised old cold frame removable perspex windows for weather proofing the run....just have to keep an eye on the forecast!
This is cleaning time...the lid comes off and I can climb inside. The ...er...'warren' I've made is of planks screwed together, a plywood 'lid' encases an inner chamber...(they think they're safe -but not from me tee hee!)
Paint used is animal friendly hutch stain from 'Pets at Home'.


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bunnygirl56 wrote: looks good! (26/05/2011)

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