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Bunny Palace with Extensive Grounds!

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Bunny House 1 was the garden shed for all of one month before it was bagged and converted for bunnies! It's now home to Lewis and his belles Milly, Molly & Mo.

The windows open and close and have wire behind them for extra security. The inside is insulated also for security as well as warmth. Ventilation holes were drilled under the eaves and the door is now a stable door so the top can be left open on good days. When open, the top is secured by strong wire mesh.

Inside are two cages, the upstairs with a ramp, lots of toys and things to jump on. They use large potting trays as litter trays - you know how girls always want to go to the loo together!

Bunny House 1 has also now been joined by Bunny Houses 2 and 3, with more runs attached and all have electrics installed.


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starsie12 wrote: I really like this set up. (29/12/2007)

NormasArk wrote: exactly what I need, thank you! (09/08/2008)

NormasArk wrote: exactly what I need, thank you! (09/08/2008)

roz wrote: athis is the size (13/05/2009)

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