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Tulip and Angus's House

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Large wooden wendy house, which we added a ramp going up to a second level which they can look out of the window from. We removed the plastic window and covered it with mesh, we also cut a small hole in the bottom of the door for access to an attached outside run. Inside we covered the floor with lino and put in some carpet tiles for comfort. they also have a dog bed filled with hay for eating and sleeping in, then toys etc.
Angus and Tulip were house buns but Angus became destructive so we made them there own home from home, they love living in it and being able to go outside and sunbathe.


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ilovebunnies wrote: This is a really good set up! Lucky bunnies! (01/04/2006)

Amandaphilpott wrote: I have 6 buns, so I want one of these BRILLIANT! (07/05/2006)

chvardy wrote: Where can you get the plans to build this?? (04/05/2007)

Easterforever wrote: This is really cool! (13/07/2007)

starsie12 wrote: This hutch is fantastic,i want one/lucky buns. (29/12/2007)

rabbits4eva wrote: Love it, i want it!!!! (15/09/2008)

madhouse wrote: Did you line the inner walls with anything? (02/03/2009)

iqra wrote: that is a great idea (05/04/2009)

tamziie2010 wrote: i love it x (24/09/2010)

tara wrote: love it (02/11/2010)

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