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A multi-level home

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A multi-level home for multiple bunnies (and the odd piggy)!

Its two levels for the bunnies if you look you can see ramps from the bottom floors to the middle floor. The top floor is a piggy house. The total length is six feet long and the total height is 4 feet - probably more. The whole front opens for cleaning (2 doors on the bottom and two up top and the piggy house the whole top lifts in two sections) there are two little doors for the bunnies to come in and out through so you dont have to have the big doors. The floors are lino everywhere sealed down so no edges can be lifted and the upstairs has vet bed. Downstairs with the food and water and trays is just the lino for easy cleaning.

It used to be open completely so all the bunnies had the run of the six foot span both up and downstairs but they unbonded into two groups so now its split down the middle with each group having half of each level. Second picture shows the barrier between.


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kerry wrote: look at the state of ya house (24/09/2008)

kerry wrote: look at the state of ya house (24/09/2008)

tamziie2010 wrote: woow this is awesome where did u get it from x? (24/09/2010)

tamziie2010 wrote: wat u talkin bout kerry ? (24/09/2010)

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