Plastic Rabbit Hutches

Plastic rabbit hutches combine the easy clean benefits of indoor rabbit cages with traditional style of wooden rabbit hutches. If you don't like the look of a cage in your living room, this might be an option to explore.

Like more traditional hutches the main consideration is size. Most plastic hutches are not large enough to serve as standalone housing and will need to be permanently combined with a pen to provide adequate space.

Reviews of Plastic Hutches

Green Frog Designs Recycled Plastic Rabbit Hutch

Recycled Plastic Rabbit Hutch

This is a nice looking hutch and a bit of a difference to the usual wooden design. It's made from recycled plastic - very eco friendly. I prefer hutch style housing over cages because of the more ... read more

Mr Snugs Plastic Rabbit Hutch

Plastic Rabbit Hutch

The plastic hutch is moulded from a single piece of plastic and has all the benefits associated with that - namely hard wearing and easy to clean. It would work well as a base/shelter inside a ... read more

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