Ferplast Rabbit 140

 Rabbit 140
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Dimensions:140 x 71.5 x 48cm Convert
Manufacturer: Ferplast
RRP:£ 148.99
Where to buy: £92.71 from Amazon

The Ferplast Rabbit 140 has really been superseded in the last few years by the growing range of 150cm cages and Ferplastís own 160 cm cage in the same design.

That said itís not a bad size at nearly five foot long and over two foot wide, if you want a base for a free range rabbit. Ferplast have obviously put a lot of thought into the features and it's been through several revisions. The top section of the cage folds flat for easy transport and storage. It has a large door at the front, hinging at the top so it can't catch your rabbits feet. For you rabbit there is a side door with a solid ramp.

Price wise itís around half what youíd pay for the 160, but at a similar price to the other brands of slightly larger 150 cages they are probably a better option.

Note: This cage does not meet the minimum living space guidelines for rabbits and should only be used in conjunction with a pen or free access in and out of the cage 24/7.

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to the reviewer who suggested www.zoostore.de I have been to their website and agree that the cage looks great BUT.... it states that they will only ship within Germany.... Does anyone know where I can obtain one (or the Trixie) in the UK?

Reviewed on: 15/12/2010


Not designed by rabbit owner

I agree with the previous review totally. I bought one of these for 2 rabbits to live in indoors. The front door flaps down like a ramp, and the rabbits could get their feet caught. So we took off the door, turned it upside down and attached it with cable ties to the front of the cage, so it now opens sideways like a proper door. Much better! Also, I think the whole thing is very flimsy, and I wonder how long it will last. Rabbits seem happy in there though....

Reviewed on: 02/01/2008


The solution to the ferplasts problems:

I totally agree with antikewls review and would add that not only does it not have a side door, the doors on the top are not large enough to get a litter tray (or a large rabbit!) out without the danger of bashing the bunny on the head on the way out. Also the flooring has a "waffle" effect which any dirt gets trapped into and its quite hard to get it really clean. You can tell this cage hasnt been designed by a rabbit owner. We use this size of cage here at the rescue centre as recovery pens for bunnies who have been spayed or neutered before they go back outside into their cabins so they get some serious use and the ferplast ones really arent up to the job. I was desperate to find some something with a better design and here it is: Go to www.zoostore.de (this takes you to a german ebay shop). Type rabbit 140 into the shops search engine and there you will find the creme de la creme of cages. The dimensions are the same as the ferplast 140 but it has 2 doors on the side for your buns to get in and out easily and it also has 2 large doors on the top so its really easy to clean out and get the litter trays in and out of. The floor is totally smooth, there is nowhere for the dirt to get trapped and we loved this cage so much we purchased 4 for the rescue! They are all still looking great after 6 months of use and show no signs of wear and tear. They are cheaper than any of the ferplast 140s we have seen (they work out about £60 plus postage) and if you do want to ask the seller anything Matthias, the stores owner, does speak some english although you will need to keep your questions simple. The seller is reliable and the cage arrives quickly. So, my rating is for the German cage and not for the Ferplast and its a full 5 stars!

Reviewed on: 14/04/2006


Big, but with flaws

The floor space of this cage is huge! I ordered one for my two mini lops and it's a nice space for them to run around in while I'm out or asleep. The cage ceiling might be a little too low for larger breeds though. It comes with two bottles which I haven't used because they already have two better ones, two hay racks, a plastic bowl (pretty useless when you consider how rabbits throw stuff around!) and a little hidey house (probably no use for any rabbit larger than a small mini-lop or netherland dwarf) but mine loves standing on it and using it as a lookout, so it'll stay in for now! The major flaw with the cage is that it has no side door! I didn't realise this until after I bought it, and probably wouldn't have chosen it if I had known. Fortunately the side panels can fold back on themselves to create an opening but it's a bit of a pain. A serious flaw, especially when you consider the price. A nice big cage for small rabbits, but with no side door. If it had a door I'd probably have given it a 5.

Reviewed on: 13/12/2005

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