Prevue Tubbies Rabbit Cage #525

Tubbies Rabbit Cage #525
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Dimensions:119.3 x 58.4 x 56cm Convert
Manufacturer: Prevue

This rabbit cage has a large door in the front and the top. It also has a deep 6 1/2 inch base. Good for keeping rabbit mess in.

Note: This cage does not meet the minimum living space guidelines for rabbits and should only be used in conjunction with a pen or free access in and out of the cage 24/7.

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First it's made in China. This cage is so STRANGE and cheap it's beyond belief that someone would make a cage like this. Base of the cage cage is about 9"inches wide and rises to about 16"inches wide TOPS! Cage length is about 34 inches long and then rises to about 36 inches long. Then it really alien when the cage height is about 3 1/2 feet high? I wouln't put my 1 G.Pig in there! Let alone one dwarf rabbit in there. Never buy CHINA WHO SKINS ANIMALS ALIVE MOST OF ALL! Go with the Marchioro 120. Big, normal and true to size! Petwarehouse sells them.

Reviewed on: 17/10/2008

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