Savic Nero 4

Nero 4
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Dimensions:118 x 64 x 64cm Convert
Manufacturer: Savic
RRP:£ 84.99

The Nero 4 rabbit cages comes with a shelter/feeding platform (a bit on the small side), hay rack and water bottle.

There is a large door on top - approximately 60cm x 30 cm (2' x1') and a smaller door in the front - approximately 30cm x 20cm (12" x 8").

A stand is also available to fit this cage.

Note: This cage does not meet the minimum living space guidelines for rabbits and should only be used in conjunction with a pen or free access in and out of the cage 24/7.

User Reviews



I have had this cage for 8 years for my indoor dwarf lop (recently gone to bunny heaven)- and have been pleased with it overall. My bunny loved to lay on the yellow shelf! It was a bit too small for her to get comfortably inside the yellow 'door' - I only saw her attempt it on a few occasions (when scared of strangers or loud noises). I changed the wire front door door so it hinged at the top, and secured it with pegs when open; I did this because I have read of rabbits/ guinea pigs breaking their legs when these doors are walked up like a ramp - I don't understand why the manafacturers don't alter this design flaw! My bunny just jumped straight through the gap when I opened it from the top. I think it is a good indoor cage overall - enough room for a large litter tray, hay rack and easy to clean.

Reviewed on: 24/10/2014



wot dus it go 4?

Reviewed on: 26/01/2010

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