Trixie Rabbit 150 Indoor Cage

Rabbit 150 Indoor Cage
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Dimensions:150 x 74 x 64cm Convert
Manufacturer: Trixie
RRP:£ 130

This was the first big rabbit cage on the market and itís still one of the best. Not only is it a good size but itís also very sturdy.

It has a smooth plastic base and chrome bars (also available in white/black), with neatly rounded top corners. There is a reasonable size door (approx. 50cm wide) in the side and a matching one in the roof.

It comes with a mesh shelf which will need removing or covering with something to make it solid to protect bunny feet.

A stand is also available separately.

User Reviews



How do u order this ??

Reviewed on: 24/08/2016


reply to oaktree

Reviewed on: 04/12/2013


p's mum

Reviewed on: 09/02/2011



I have been scouring the net for one of these, where can you get them in the UK

Reviewed on: 15/12/2010


Brillant Cage

This cage is very large, very sturdy, very pleased with it. The picture of the cage does not do the cage any justice

Reviewed on: 20/05/2010



i think it is a good cage

Reviewed on: 05/10/2008

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