Liberta Rabbit Retreat 150 Cage (R6A)

Rabbit Retreat 150 Cage (R6A)
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Dimensions:150 x 75 x 69cm Convert
Manufacturer: Liberta
RRP:£ 199
Where to buy: £169.00 from Ebay
£175.50 from Amazon

This was the first rabbit cage to rival the size of the Trixie 150. The height listed is the cage height, with stand it is 92cm. It has both a large front and top opening door so no trying to squeeze your rabbit out through something more suited to a hamster. The tray is a nice deep 22cm, so great for containing mess, and slides out for cleaning.

It comes with various accessories, including a grid shelf, great to add extra floor area, but not the best option for materials. This is easily fixed though, just cover it with something solid to protect your bunnies toes.

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Very pleased with this cage. It is a good size for my two rabbits. They love to sit on the shelf (covered with newspaper to protect their feet from the gridding) and have plenty of room to stretch up and to hop around. They also have free range in my room. I have hung a hanging basket as a hay rack from the roof and covered part of the cage with a blanket. Spacious cage. Ideal as a base.

Reviewed on: 03/12/2012

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