Ferplast Casita 120 Rabbit Cage

Casita 120 Rabbit Cage
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Dimensions:119 x 58 x 61cm Convert
Manufacturer: Ferplast

The real plus point of this cage is the extra height the round roof gives. No worries about your rabbit knocking his ears of the roof every time he tries to stand up. The roof lifts up giving a very large entrance for lifting your rabbit in and out.

There is a side door with a nice sliding design which neatly solves the issue of how to fix the door open without having it in the way or risking your rabbit catching his feet using it as a ramp. However, it's not very big, fine for your rabbit to hop in and out of but not great if you want to reach in.

Note: This cage does not meet the minimum living space guidelines for rabbits and should only be used in conjunction with a pen or free access in and out of the cage 24/7.

User Reviews


Really good cage

I have the 120cm version of this for Barley, our house rabbit. It's very roomy (118x58x61) with plenty of space for his toys, litter tray, bed. The sliding door on the side is excellent because we can leave it open for him to hop in and out whenever he feels like it. The fact that the roof opens as a whole, rather than a door within the roof as with many other designs, makes it very easy to clean the cage. We're using it without the platform and bed area as we felt it would be a little narrow once Barley is fully grown. Barley doesn't spend loads of time in the cage but when he does he seems very happy with it!

Reviewed on: 09/02/2009

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