Ferplast Rabbit 160 Cage

Rabbit 160 Cage
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Dimensions:156 x 77 x 62cm Convert
Manufacturer: Ferplast
RRP:£ 249
Where to buy: £196.32 from Amazon

This is the biggest rabbit cage available, but calling it 160 is a slight exaggeration as it's really only 156cm long. Only fractionally bigger than the Trixie 150. Anecdotal reports suggest it's just not quite as well put together as the Trixie either.

The built in wooden sleeping area is too small to be usable by most rabbits. The principle is good though – rabbits need somewhere to hide so swap it out for a box of a more suitable size.

The cage has a large front panel that is hinged at the top (good as it stops rabbits using it as a ramp and catching their feet in the wire), but you’ll need to prop it open for your rabbit to use. There is also a smaller door in the end panel.

The base is very deep, great for containing litter if your rabbits is a bit messy/enjoys digging.

It can be tricky to find retailers with it in stock so you may need to shop around. It will cost you upwards of £200, so it's a very expensive option for indoor housing.

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Where can we find it I am getting two mini lop rabbits is this suitable

Reviewed on: 14/10/2014




Reviewed on: 12/05/2013

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