Essegi Baffy 3 Storey 120 Rabbit Cage

Baffy 3 Storey 120 Rabbit Cage
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Dimensions:120 x 54 x 150cm Convert
Manufacturer: Essegi
RRP:£ 230

This cage is available with both two and three levels. The lower two floors have wooden platforms with ramps up to the next level. These are perhaps more suited for smaller animals such as rats rather than rabbits and you may need to make some adjustments. Multi-level cages are really only suitable for small-medium sized rabbits but they are certainly a good option if your rabbit is going to be confined to the cage at any time and there isn't space for a pen.

Note: This cage does not meet the minimum living space guidelines for rabbits and should only be used in conjunction with a pen or free access in and out of the cage 24/7.

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Reply to Avery: Why on earth would you ever expect your bunny to make it easy for you to take it out of the cage if you only ever take it out to cut its nails or give it a bath? Rabbits are not goldfish. If you take your rabbit out and let it roam freely on a daily basis it will be very happy to fly out of the cage as soon as you open the doors each day. You should give your rabbit to someone who will give it proper daily exercise and socially interact with it enough that it likes you enough to come to you when you approach it. Also, if you read the website you would see that it says right here that this cage is not even large enough to house a rabbit unless it can also roam. If you aren't going to let your rabbit out for daily exercise, at least please follow this website's directions and attach a pen to it. Yeesh. Treating a rabbit like a goldfish is so cruel. No wonder it resists coming close to you. I wouldn't trust you either. Note: Unfortunately I had to give this cage a rating in order to reply to Avery, so I just gave it a very average score.

Reviewed on: 22/08/2016



I love this cage but it is very hard to get my bunny out when i want to give her a bath or cut her nails but other than that I would recommend this cage.

Reviewed on: 27/02/2016

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