Little Friends Rabbit 160

Rabbit 160
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Dimensions:160 x 80 x 58cm Convert
Manufacturer: Little Friends
RRP:£ 185
Where to buy: £99.19 from Ebay

At 160cm long, this is one of the biggest rabbit cages available. It has one door in the top and two doors on the front (plus a further two on the back). So good, possibility even a little OTT access. The base is a nice deep 20cm and the bar spacing 2cm, so will suit even small breeds.

I have seen a few people complain about the build quality, particularly the clips attaching the lid to the tray not being too good.

On the other hand it's the cheapest cage in this size category, you can pick it up for under 100.

User Reviews


Jaine Brent

I got mine with hay rack & house, massive size & very happy guinea pigs. What more could you want for under 100. Do people not know to add their own accessories & toys for their animals amusement?

Reviewed on: 01/08/2016


Edy Kline

OK, so it is LARGE. However, there are no shelves, no privacy cabin, no interesting features for the bunny. I may as well buy some vinyl-coated packs of cube stacks and metal clips and BUILD one. It would cost less!

Reviewed on: 13/07/2016

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