Two Storey Rabbit Cages

Two Storey Tommy Rabbit Cage

Doubling or trebling the size of your rabbit's cage without taking up more of your living space might sound like a perfect solution to rabbit housing issues, but before you rush out and buy a two storey cage there are a few points to consider.

Most two storey rabbit cages are variations on single storey cage designs. The most common style is simply two cages stacked one above the other with the roof of the lower one removed. This means generally have the same pros and cons as single cages and it will help to read: choosing a rabbit cage for tips on what to look out for and avoid.

They also have their own potential issues. A two tier rabbit cage will not suit every rabbit. Large breeds are unlikely to be able to navigate ramps. Some cages were originally designed with small rodents in mind and the ramp or shelves may need adjusting to be useable by a rabbit at all.

Not all of the space gained with extra levels is useable. When comparing cages, remember to subtract the space that is not useable. This includes the areas under the ramp and the area in the upper stories where the floor is removed to create an entrance hole. These unusable spaces mean that a short two storey cage may offer the same or less space than a long single storey cage.

The extra level will not make a cage that is too small big enough. If each single level is too small i.e. you rabbit does not have enough space to stretch out easily or have room for toys, then the cage is going to be uncomfortably cramped even with a second level - remember your rabbit will only be in one level at a time. However, if the cage would comfortably house your rabbit on a single level i.e. he can hop along and has space to turn and stretch out then the extra floor is a great way to add additional space.

Two Storey Cages by Floor Area

CageLengthWidthHeightFloor AreaLevelsTotal Area
2 Storey Corner Cage 100cm100cm86cm1.00 sq m22.00 sq m
Baffy 2 Storey 120 Rabbit Cage 118cm58cm102cm0.68 sq m21.37 sq m
Baffy 3 Storey 120 Rabbit Cage 120cm54cm150cm0.65 sq m31.94 sq m
Tommy 102 T2 Rabbit Cage 102cm53cm105cm0.54 sq m21.08 sq m
Tommy 102 T3 Rabbit Cage 102cm53cm156cm0.54 sq m31.62 sq m

Note: Measurements are approximate.

A DIY option for a two storey cage is a dog crate with a shelf.

Any additional floor space you do gain from multiple levels does not replace the requirement for daily exercise in a much larger area.

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