Rabbit Run Plans (Part 2)

Sooty's Rabbit Run

rabbit run plans

1. Make two frames. Drill, glue and screw (DGS).

make side frames for rabbit run

2. Make middle support. DGS.

make middle support for rabbit run

3. Make door frame part 1. DGS.

door frame for rabbit run

4. Paint everything before you put on the mesh (all other bits to).

5. Join together the two large frames, corner posts and middle support. DGS.

attach corner posts to run

6. Staple mesh to roof and down one end. Staple along both sides. Staple to door frame.

fix mesh to rabbit run

7. After the mesh is on, cover any raw edges by screwing your other door wood on top. I didn't do the hidge end, I can't rememebr why.

fix mesh to rabbit run

8. Hang door from hinges and attach hocks for locking.

fix mesh to rabbit run

9. Measure, cut, pain and fix on cladding (I had to join it to make it long enough).

fix mesh to rabbit run

I used a cardboard box as a shelter at first then made a wooden one.

Make sure there are no jagged bits inside the run.

fix mesh to rabbit run

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