Why is Large Rabbit Accommodation Important?

Your rabbit’s accommodation is its whole world. Your rabbit cannot hop on the bus to the gym for exercise, pop to the cinema when bored or visit the shops to pick out a new bed to sleep in. As a rabbit owner it is your responsibility to make sure that your rabbit’s accommodation meets all of its physical and mental needs.

Room to Move

Rabbit’s bodies are designed to spend the day hopping around a field grazing. When pet rabbits are not given adequate space and opportunity to move around, the resulting lack of exercise can have serious consequences for their health, including:

Room to Behave Like a Rabbit

If a rabbit does not have the space to exercise then it does not have the space to exhibit normal rabbit behaviour. This can lead to behaviour problems including:

These are signs your rabbit is slowly going crazy from being locked in a box with no mental stimulation.

Good housing isn’t just about space to run around, it also gives you the space to add toys and activities to provide your rabbit with mental stimulation.

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