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Every rabbit needs a place to call home; but for an owner, creating the perfect living space can be a bit of a head ache. How big should a hutch be? What's the best materials? Is indoors better than out? If you want the best for your rabbit, but you aren't sure what it is or where to get it then, hopefully this website will answer a few of your questions.

What do you want to know...

Why is the Right Housing Important?

Your rabbit will spend most of it's life in its housing so it's important that the accomodation meets all of its needs. The wrong accomodation can cause health problems such as muscle wastage, obesity and spine deformities. A lack of space for exercise and appropriate stimulation can also effect your rabbits mental well being leading to behaviour problems such as cage chewing and aggression... learn more

RWA Campaign against Small Hutches

Housing gallery Housing size guide Understanding Your Rabbit's Habits

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