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Alberts new home

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This was my daughters play house which she gave up for her bunny albert! it has lino on the floor and an old bath mat for him to sit on when its cold,i have used a cardboard box filled with hay for a sleeping retreat and then used a plastic dog bed and put hay in it and added a few toys and treats,He has been in a 4ft hutch until we transformed the playhouse and it was wonderful to see him jump and leap when we put him in his new home! he now looks a really happy bunny! He is able to go out into his run and back into the house when ever he wants to which is good as he doesnt really liked being picked up and did get grumpy sometimes when taking him out of his hutch to put him in his run...Also now my daughter has somewhere safe to sit and interact with albert which they both love :)xx


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tamziie2010 wrote: woow very good (24/09/2010)

tamziie2010 wrote: nice (24/09/2010)

bunny wrote: was wondering how big this playhoue is? (19/05/2012)

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